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Tricks to claim offers in online gambling

Tricks to claim offers in online gambling


When we see online casino advertisements, we can see many of them are offering free cash offers in it casino singapore 3win2u. This is one of the main tricks to getting into the games. Before you claim the free offers you have to be careful about it, otherwise, you will be scammed very easily. So, here I’m suggesting you read the article to know how they trick us and make us play.


We have to always think if someone is giving something for free, why they have to do that. Is they are doing a favour for us by giving it free? Not at all, this is the main marketing trick to make us play.

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If we get into free offers they use many tricks once we claim the free offers. Likely, we can play only a few games which they suggest, we have to play a certain number of games then only we will be eligible to we can get the free offers.


The games which they are suggesting to play to use the free offers, it has been always very tricky games and they only offer few slots for the free claiming players.


If you think you can claim the free offer from one casino, play until your free offer to finish and you can simply go to another casino to play. It definitely won’t work like that. Because to claim the free offers you have to make some minimum deposit in the casino. Which is the main trick wisely used by all casinos.

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Before we get into this tricky scam of these casinos you have to read their terms and condition to claim the free. So, here we will go through the following points to know better about the tactics of casinos.


  1. You have to start playing with the offered games which hardly have a chance to win and you must have to win the minimum number of games to claim the free offer and continue to play the other games. If you didn’t win a certain number of games after playing you will not be eligible to get the free offer.
  2. You must have to read the Terms & Conditions of casinos carefully, to claim the free before you deposit the basic amount you have to be eligible to play by using free money.
  3. You have to check the slots for the games to play by using the free offer. They primarily gave the most chance to play the very tricky games to scam and get your deposit money. Because they always set some huge amount us a deposit. Once you made a deposit you must have to play the suggested games by them. Otherwise, you will not get the free offers and also your deposit.
  4. You have to check the games offered by the casino before you making the deposit. Make sure that you can play the free offered games and can win at least minimum games for not to lose your deposit money.